Devon Digital Level 60cm


This 600mm Devon digital level is able to calculate horizontal readings, vertical readings and angled readings.

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DEVON Digital Spirit Level Features:
Angle measurement – Set or checking the rail angle by the LCD display (such as 15 degrees)
Horizontal measurement – set or checking the level of the conduit of the air condition by the vials or LCD display
Laser light aperture – the laser inside the left endcap extends a visual leveling line over distances much greater than a traditional bubble vial beam level
Encased bubble vials – the level or plumb of a surface can also be accurately measured by positioning the bubble inside the vial in between the marks on the vial’s surface. The highly sensitive vial ensure the digital level has an accuracy of 0.029 degrees
LCD display – Large, easy to read display screen reads right side up even when level is upside down. Measure level or plumb with accuracy up to 0.05 degree
Integrated 57cm ruler – clear 0-57cm ruler helps you to measure anytime

DEVON Digital Spirit Level Specifications:
Length 60cm (600mm)
Measuring Range: 0-360 degrees
Accuracy of the digital display: +/-0.05 degree (level or plumb)
Accuracy of the digital display: +/-0.1 degree (other angles)
Accuracy of the vial: 0.029 degree
Laser type: 635-665nm, Battery: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries

Digital Spirit Level
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