Slope Indicator PI.000K


The Slope Indicator consists of a sensing unit with two electronic slope sensors perpendicular to each other.


Additional Information – PI.000K

The Slope Indicator is an electronic two-axis slope sensing system for rapid zero setting. The unit is strong and compact, with waterproof and aluminium construction to survive harsh work conditions. There are 17 bright LED inductors to give an instant indication of deviation from true level. An adjustable dial gives an accuracy range suitable to your requirements. The PI.000 also features an internal rechargeable battery or can be connected to an external 12-24V DC power supply.

This unit delivers precision and accuracy after a quick and easy setup. Simply place the unit on machine for indicating slope and select accuracy required.


  • Drilling rigs
  • Augers
  • Boat stability
  • Shaft excavation
  • Lift or crane safety indicators
  • Simply place unit on machine for checking level or slope, select accuracy required and mount in sight of the operator


  • Easy to fit & line up
  • Indication by 17 LED lights
  • Internal Battery for portability
  • Rugged metal construction