Integrated Compact Inclinometer HMDS0400


The Integrated Compact Inclinometer allows for flexible and more cost-effective installations, doing away with the requirement of an externally mounted sensor.

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Additional Information – HMDS0400

Reduce the risk of machinery and vehicle rollovers

It is a simple device that enables machinery operators to monitor both pitch and/or roll of their machines. By incorporating an integrated accelerometer into the compact colour display, we do away with requiring the sometimes cumbersome externally mounted sensor. It’s ideally suited for civil vehicles and machinery such as earthmoving, water trucks and other heavy transport vehicles.

These vehicles inherit a high centre of gravity which means a large portion of their weight is carried high up off the road surface. this makes the machine top heavy and vulnerable to rollovers.   The Integrated compact Inclinometer reduces the risk of rollover, improving both driver and machinery safety.

The integrated Compact Inclinometer allows for flexible and more cost-effective installations. It is powered by simply plugging into a cigarette lighter socket or directly hard wiring to machine power. The full-colour display can be positioned in a range of orientations, allowing it to be customised to suit individual needs.

The easy-to-follow integrated menu allows for easy interpretation of pitch and roll angles in either degrees or percent gradients. It also features configurable warning and alarm levels that are linked to an internal buzzer that will alert an operator if a dangerous pre-detemined angle has been reached.


  • Easy to view pitch and roll measurements
  • Configurable warning and alarm levels
  • Multi-voltage allows installation into 12 and 24 volt vehicles
  • Full-colour screen display
  • Internal buzzer
  • Password-protected menu
  • Rugged mounting system
  • Australian designed and manufactured.